Author: Desiree

Universal signs, manifestations, spirituality

The Universe Responds

The Universe Responds It’s been almost a year since Iast wrote. And, looking back at 2021, there were still constant changes. There was a lot of growth and trying to understand my new found spirituality. 2021 wasn’t necessarily better than 2020. A lot of people were still trying to make sense of it all. The […]

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Moment of Pause to Slow Life Down

Moment of pause to slow life down Before the pandemic, life flew by. Events, get togethers, dinners out, birthdays and lots of celebrations. All of this on top of the regular routine of a full time job and totally trying to adult.  But that was life, and something we all took for granted. You don’t […]

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Visualizing the Life You Want

Visualizing the Life You Want Have you ever heard of people constantly reassuring themselves to say positive? Even when so much crap is thrown at you, like let’s take the whole pandemic for example! Obstacle after obstacle had been thrown at us. Not just you, or your neighbour, but the whole world! And sure, there […]

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