Hey there, I’m Desiree.

About Desiree,

Thank you for finding your way here. 

I’m the founder, creator, and the vision behind Vibrant Disenyo.

This is my journey of embracing all that life brings, good and bad and transforming into works of art.

Through bold colours, artistic designs, and positive affirmations, I hope you’ll also be transformed to connecting to your highest self. 

Life is energy, and we all vibrate at different frequencies. We focus energy with our thoughts. Where the mind goes, energy follows. We all gravitate towards what we put energy into in order to find vibrational alignment. 

“Everything in life is vibrations.” – Albert Einstein

This is my story about my continuous search for vibrational alignment. Learning more about yourself can seem exhausting and impatient when we’re always so focused on getting to the finish line or that final destination. But as I reflect on how far I’ve come, I become more and more grateful for where I am today and every challenge that pushed me out of my comfort zone. 

This past year has forced us all into isolation. And the solitude that came with it, has allowed me to go through a spiritual awakening. Life slowing down gave me the opportunity to focus on my personal growth and have further self awareness.

I had good days, and bad days like most people. But I wanted to transition any negativity around me into something beautiful. Negativity only weighs us down if we don’t see how it can transform us into better people.

About Desiree,

So here I am, refocusing all the challenges 2020 has brought me, and embracing the positivity I can create.

This is Vibrant Disenyo. 

I choose
Creativity. Gratitude. Connection.

“This is all happening for you, not to you.”
– Abraham Hicks

I’m learning to put my trust in the Universe, and in God’s plan. My spirit guides and guardian angels have been working overtime to help me embrace and accept myself fully. This is my healing as I raise my vibrations.

I’m grateful to be able to invite you on this journey with me. 

Allow me to share my positivity, gratitude and handcrafted designs in hopes to increase your own vibration.