The Universe Responds

The Universe Responds

It’s been almost a year since Iast wrote. And, looking back at 2021, there were still constant changes. There was a lot of growth and trying to understand my new found spirituality. 2021 wasn’t necessarily better than 2020. A lot of people were still trying to make sense of it all. The restrictions were temporarily lifted. But that didn’t make people less lonely, or any more secure, or have a better grasp of their mental state.

The world just desperately wanted to grasp a bit of normalcy (whatever that looks like). And for those who were able to embrace the solitude that came with being in a pandemic, you learn to shift your perspective on the world. At least that’s what happened to me.

I looked within, started a deep dive in my shadow work. I thought I’ve reflected on my past enough, but living alone in a pandemic took the reflection to a whole new level. It’s easy to try to escape your emotions. It’s uncomfortable looking within. But, much easier to grab a drink, binge eat, smoke a joint, or just find someone to hook up with. Any of those things help to just avoid being on your own with your own thoughts.

But there’s a sense of freedom when you stop suppressing those emotions, and just let it out. Cry watching a tv show, I know I did, tons of times. Let your emotions consume you. Feel it. And then let it go.

I’ve really shifted my perspective this past year. I looked deeper into Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now, and his teachings on acceptance. He states how you need to choose to accept the moment for what it is. We fight so hard and want things to be a certain way, that we cause more resistance and stress. And once you accept the situation for what it is, the easier it is to move on. But this a fairly big topic that I can go into more detail on another blog.

By really grasping acceptance, it opened up so many doors. The biggest one is focusing more on gratitude. Seeing things in a positive light helped me transition to accepting what is.

It’s been a very enlightened year. And I read a quote where it said,
“Rejection is just redirection.” 

And that was just brilliant.

Every part of our life, the struggles, the pain, the sorrow, all help build us to be our best selves. So whether you believe in God, the Universe, or not, we’re all here for a purpose. God wouldn’t give you something you couldn’t overcome. And everything we are experiencing are all building blocks to equip us for when better comes. 

To say the least, I’ve definitely been through a spiritual awakening this past year. And I know a lot of analytical people might think what I write is a lot of fluffy nonsense. But, I write for me, and perhaps it might reach those who really needed to hear it.

So to close tonight’s writing, I wanted to leave off with this quote:

The Universe Responds,

That gave me reassuring thoughts, that there is a greater plan. And when things don’t work out, it’s because there is something better to come for you.

So accept the moments as it is, and learn to see gratitude in it. Because no matter what difficulty has come your way, you are being prepared for something greater.


The Universe Responds,  Desiree

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