Visualizing the Life You Want

Visualizing the Life You Want

Have you ever heard of people constantly reassuring themselves to say positive? Even when so much crap is thrown at you, like let’s take the whole pandemic for example! Obstacle after obstacle had been thrown at us. Not just you, or your neighbour, but the whole world!

And sure, there were days where it was hard to get out of bed. Or even changing out of your pj’s seemed to be such a challenge. 

Well, we all have those bad days.  2020, just seemed to go on forever.
2020 really broke us down.

But we’re not there anymore.

This is 2021. And we can shift our reality into becoming more of what we want.

2021 is here to help us rebuild and manifest better lives for ourselves.

Okay, okay, this may seem totally ridiculous. And, good things don’t just happen right away.

But, we attract what we think. The definition of manifesting is to make things happen. And, it’s a matter of cultivating our thoughts into reality. 

Everything is energy. Our thoughts, our feelings, all living beings emit a vibrational energy. Like attracts like. So similar energies attract each other.

You know when you’re feeling angry and in a super shitty mood and everything around you is just pissing you off? Well that’s you vibrating at a low frequency and attracting all of that negativity. So shake it off! You have complete control of what you attract into your universe.

By controlling our thoughts, and what we focus on, is what we allow into our lives. Seems simple right? Well, it’s a matter of creating a daily habit to re-adjusting our mind set.

So how do we do this?

Take a few moments out of your morning or night, and reflect what you’re thankful for. 

Start a gratitude journal.
Writing it all down helps outline your thoughts. 

A perfect way to manifest a better year is by creating a vision board. Cut out old magazines, find quotes or images that showcase the life you want, or the partner you’re looking for. Gather it all together and paste it on a large poster board, notebook or any type of card stock. This collage will embody your goals and dreams. You can do this every year.

For the last 6 years I’ve been creating vision boards. It has helped me stay positive and focus on the outcome of what I’m looking for. I have this year’s vision board posted in my bedroom and I can envision this life each morning and before bed.

visualize the life you want,

Visualizing the life you want is a powerful way to manifest. But it doesn’t just stop there. You need to embrace how it would make you feel. Visualizing your wants, and feeling like you already have it is how it’ll bring you closer to your manifestations.

Understanding yourself and what you’re capable of is a beautiful spiritual journey.

This will be an exciting year.
Join in as you create and envision the life you want.

This transformation doesn’t happen over night.
But we’re here to go through it together.

Clear space in your life to make room for what’s to come.
Good things are coming.

Manifest it.

Feel it.

It’s yours.


visualize the life you want,  Desiree

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